Mafille La Maison (Maffee) is translated to The Home of My Daughter.


My inspiration is my grandmother. She showed me from a very young age that anything is possible and to remain positive, even in the toughest of situations.

Her continuous positivity throughout all she had experienced in her life inspired me to be the person I am today.  My grandmother had a positive impact on everyone she met, especially those who she welcomed into her home.  My grandmother’s home was a welcoming and comforting environment, it was one of those homes you felt a part of as soon as you walked through the door. The true meaning of a home to me is somewhere where you create a sense of security, and you are at your happiest. For me my happiest memories are from being in my grandmother’s home, memories I will cherish forever.

This is where my love for Interior Design came from, I wanted to create homes which had the same inviting and comforting feel my grandmother’s home had. I believe everyone deserves a place they feel safe and happy in, not only is this created by the people you welcome into your home but also the way in which it is designed. Creating a beautiful home for you and your family is one of the greatest pleasures in life. The whole experience of coming home is one we value more and more. Our homes are our greatest asset, not just financially, it’s our safe place, our haven.


It’s all about the memories we make in our homes that last a lifetime, especially your childhood memories, for me it was all about my Grandparents home, how happy, relaxed and content it made me feel, it’s the core of who I am today. My team and I really know how to make the best of every home we work on. We have the unique ability to understand people, their nature, their desires and so the way we design can genuinely enhance the quality of life.


The name from my business is a tribute to my grandmother Lydie, who originated from Lille, Northern France. Mafille La Maison translates to The Home of my Daughter. Mafille was my grandmother’s maiden name, and she would always say I was the daughter she never had. The name of my Business is just perfect to represent my relationship I had with my grandmother, it makes my business extra special to me as it has been created in her honour, my inspiration.  I pride myself in creating homes and showcasing products my grandmother would have been proud of.

Home is a place where you feel safe, an environment in which is so much more than a space to rest one’s head, your home is a manifestation of your life. Your home is an extension of yourself, and you should enjoy every moment with the people you love.


Not only did my grandmother inspire me to create Mafille La Maison, her passion for bringing people together through good food in a welcoming environment has also been passed down to me. Another passion of mine is cooking, I love recreating her famous recipes which were loved by many. Through my blog I will be including her well-loved recipes, as mealtimes are so important in creating a home as it brings families together, making your house feel like home.  My goal when creating Mafille La Maison was not only to create homes which look beautiful, but also wanted them to have that welcoming feeling which I felt my Grandparents home had, and I truly believe a lot of that was created through good food, which we would all enjoy together.


Another aspect of my Lifestyle and Interiors Blog will include health and wellness. My grandmother lived a long and healthy life and she instilled in me from a young age that eating well is such an important part in living a long and healthy life as well as a positive mindset. As I have said earlier, my grandmother was a one of the most positive people I have ever met, throughout all her struggles of moving from France to England at only 16 years of age as an au pair, leaving all her family, including her twin sister behind, to start a better life for herself, shows what a brave and courageous young girl she was. She believed she could, and she did! As a result, I am a great believer in manifestation, I truly believe we can achieve anything if we want it enough!

If you are interested in interiors, health and wellness and all things positive, then Mafille’s Lifestyle and Interiors Blog is for you! Stay tuned for weekly blogs, we hope you love them!

Mafille La Maison, inspired by my grandmother, my inspiration always

Love Michelle x

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