Let’s talk about Bouclé….The fabric of the moment

The History of Bouclé


Bouclé fabric made its debut in the late 1940s when Florence Knoll requested Eero Saarinen to design a chair that she could really “curl up in”. Bouclé definitely is a fabric perfect for curling up in, Bouclé’s irregular texture and appearance make it arguably one of the most centred materials in fashion and furniture.

Fashion designer Coco Chanel began using this rough textured wool tweed in the early 1930’s. Coco Chanel started experimenting with Bouclé in the 1950’s when she created the iconic Bouclé for the House of Chanel, still present to this very day. As well as being used in fashion they are now commonly used in interiors.

Bouclé derives from the French word curled or ringed. Bouclé is one of our favourite fabrics as you know we love anything French here at Mafille! Bouclé pieces are such statement pieces to add into your home, which designers either love or hate. Here at Mafille we are obsessed with Bouclé we think it is an iconic piece. Bouclé is made from looped yarn, making it look a bumpy texture from a distance, however, close up Bouclé looks super soft and comfortable. If you feel like you are missing something from your space, try adding a piece of Bouclé, the woven fabric brings a new texture into your space whilst still creating that warm and snug feel in your home.

Ways to Style Bouclé


Bouclé creates that safe haven in your home through its cosy, soft texture. Adding a piece of Bouclé into your space can totally transform your room giving it that warm and stylish feel. Bouclé is so versatile, if you are wanting a more modern feel in your home use contrasting textures and shapes to incorporate it into a space.

For all you minimal style lovers, Bouclé can also be for you, keep it simple with a sleek Bouclé piece. Bouclé speaks for itself, let your Bouclé piece make a statement in your room.

Neutral interiors require a collection of texture in order to create an inviting space and the use of this diverse texture will bring an additional layer of modern interest to your room without the need to add any colour. Bouclé is a must have for all of you modern style lovers, modern style features clean, sleek lines and sold colours. Everything which Bouclé prides itself on. Is your room feeling cold and dark, why not add a piece of Bouclé? It will instantly transform a cold looking room into a cosy space you will want to spend all your time in.

Try adding key pieces to your space and join the latest trend of 2022 adding a piece of Bouclé furniture will create the perfect focal point.

If adding a large piece of Bouclé is a little too daring, then try adding a Bouclé throw on your sofa or occasional chair, it will give an instant Bouclé boost, giving a modern comforting style to your space.

By adding a textured Bouclé rug to a floor in your space will instantly give your floor a warm welcoming feel. Improve your interior game in 2022 by adding a Bouclé piece, whether that’s a throw, rug or a statement Bouclé sofa or occasional chair. You won’t regret it!

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